Silvia Lautreamont

Silvia is Veronica's youngest sister.  Most of the time, Veronica treats Silvia very harshly, demanding nothing less than perfection from her, to the point that Silvia was terrified of Veronica.  However, secretly, Silvia is Veronica's favorite sister to the point that her room is filled with pictures and posters of her, and she even has a Silvia body pillow on her bed.  A secret she's very determined to hide.

Ozwald LautreamontEdit

Ozwald is Veronica's father, however the two are not close, and Veronica appears infuriated and disgusted with him at most times.


Ash BlakeEdit

Ash is someone Veronica has taken great interest in, not only because of his abilities but because he shows no fear to her and actively questions her insane methods. When he was "asked" (more like ordered) to bathe with her and her sister Silvia, she simply retorted that as a man, he should have enjoyed that. This comfort with him is unseen in any other character.