Oscar is a exceptionally beautiful young girl with long dark hair, and purple eyes, she also has a slender figure and voluptuous breasts which are usually kept hidden in her guise of a boy. She dresses generally like a boy and wearing a white jacket with dark purple pants and shirt. She wears white gloves also.


She is the daughter of the king of Chevron, Zacharias III and a maid. After her mother's death, the king took her on as a son and hid her true gender before the people could find out about it. As a result, Oscar was the 108th, last, heir to the throne. She became the first Breeder of the land of Chevron with her dragon Tristan and became as an exchange student at the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy .

Her maid Celestine, or Celes, was handed over by her brother Uriel and opposite her she revealed her secret when she learned of Celes secret.

At the Academy, she was barely represented, but still has good credentials stored. Eventually Rebecca Randall learned her true gender, but rather than revealed it blackmailed Oscar into joining the student council. Likewise, Oscar wishes to make Rebecca his 'first wife.'


Oscar is a Arc Dragonar.


Rebecca Randall - Oscar was thought to have affections for Rebecca, stating that she wants her as her Queen when she becomes her kingdoms next King. It is later revealed that she only proposed this because Rebecca found out Oscar's true gender and wanted to make her her queen to keep an eye on her rather than for any true affection.

Ash Blake - At the beginning the two were on extremely bad terms, the reason being Oscar wanting to take Eco and use her strength to help her obtain the throne. After Ash discovered Oscars true gender, she demanded that he become her "wife" and dress like a women (since the public though Oscar was a man).

It is vary possible that Oscar falls for Ash in the future.


She want to be the first female king of Chevron and wants Ash to be her "Second Queen" with Rebecca being the First.

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