'Navi' (ナヴィー Navii) is a supporting character in Seikoku no Dragonar.


Navi has an appearance resembling what Eco will potentially look like in the future (she later revealed to Ash that it really is what Echo will look like when she is older). She is a bewitchingly beautiful young woman with long eyelashes, snow white smooth skin, ruby color eyes, luscious lips, beautiful slender legs, a remarkable large bust, a well curvy figure, and longer horns on her head than Echo's. She has waist-length pink hair with a silver shine. She tends to wear a light-coloured dress resembling a robe of some sort. She has marks resembling a Seikoku over much of the front of her body.


Both wise and playful at once, Navi holds a great deal of knowledge and wisdom from the dragons of the past. She especially loves teasing Echo and Ash. However, she does care for both of them. For example, she fondles Ash and teases him in bed to find his body measurements of his future Arch armor.


Navi is no ordinary figure, but the incarnation of the Dragweis, or the collective memories of all dragons since the beginning of time. It is she who will eventually decide who will win the battle between Echo and Mordred.


  • When Echo reaches full maturity, she and Navi will merge, and Navi will, effectively, cease to exist as a conscious being.
    • She only exists in this state to guide Eco until she is ready.
  • Navi thinks it would be fine if Ash ended up marrying both Silvia and Echo.
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