Mirabel Lautremont is the third crown princess of the Lautreamont kingdom and the new headmistress of the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.



Mirabel is a extremely intelligent and devoted scholar being thoroughly dedicated to academic research. It has been noted by her sister, Silvia, that she is interested in machines foremost.

Unlike Silvia, she doesn't fear their older sister Veronica, to the point of outright admitting she would defy her if her orders didn't match her own interests.  For example, she took up the job to observe Ash and Echo and become the head of their school, but has no interest in the former and is solely pursuing her own ends, she even allows the two to move about freely.

She can be quite stoic and blunt, both polite or rude, in the latter case, she is very rude towards Veronica, who she doesn't even refer to by name, and she refuses to answer Ash's questions only when they become about her personal interests.

Mirabel is a fanatic tea lover, she is always punctual about her tea time , having her servant prepare it and halt even an assembly or important meeting until she's done drinking, she is also very peculiar about her tastes in red tea and doesn't settle for anything but the best.


Like her sisters, Mirabel has inherited their facial features and their trademark ice blue eyes. Unlike her sisters however, Mirabel is much more slender and doesn't have their blonde hair instead having long white hair like her brother Julius.


Mirabel was the third born child to the Paladin Ozwald Lautreamont and Elizabeth Lautreamont. When it was apparent she was not destined to be a Breeder, Mirabel followed scholastic paths and earned multiple degrees.


Story Arc 1: The Knight of EcoEdit

As her sisters (minus Cassandra) arrive for the festival, Ash bumps into her and accidentally gropes her in the process though she understands it is an accident.


Mirabel knights Ash

After Eco's ordeal, Mirabel becomes the new headmistress to the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy on the request from her sister Veronica to observe Ash and Eco. However, Mirabel makes it clear she has her own agenda for the academy as she knights Ash.

Story Arc 2: The Avalon Knight DragonarEdit

Story Arc 3: The Ancient BloodlineEdit

Story Arc 4Edit


According to Silvia, Mirabel's intelligence rivals her oldest sister Veronica's (who is known as the greatest non-Dragonar knight in the Lautreamont Knight Kingdom) skill with the sword.


  • She has degrees in mechanical engineering and archeology.
  • Mirabel made a brief appearance in the anime adaption.
  • Apparently in the future, she develops feelings for Ash.