Linda Blake is a supporting character in the world of Seikoku no Dragonar and the younger sister of Ash Blake.



Linda resembles her elder brother in being short and slender, with brown hair and brown eyes.


Linda is cheery and happy which is usually coupled with a happy-go-lucky demeanor. Linda is revealed to be in love with Ash and wants to marry him, despite the fact that the two of them are siblings implying she is also very naive.


After she was born, her father left home on certain business for reasons unknown. Because of this, Ash became both a brother and father-figure to her creating immense amounts of respect for him.

She was eventually chosen by the Mother Dragon to be the breeder of Echo but her brother's selfless act of giving his intended dragon Lancelot to Silvia Lautreamont caused the Mother Dragon to give Echo to her brother. Later in life, she was chosen to receive the reincarnation of the Mother Dragon Percival to compensate for it.


Story Arc 3: The Ancient Bloodline


Dragonar Abilities

Like Ash, Linda possesses a Chalice, giving her great potential as a breeder. In fact, since the Mother Dragon originally wanted to give Eco her, she might possess even more more potential than her brother. In addition, possessing a Chalice means Linda can ride any Dragon; another trait she shares with her brother.  

Because Echo was already given away when Linda underwent the Orphan Ceremony, the Mother Dragon instead gave Linda a Dragon that Linda would later name Percival. From the moment it was born Percival was a Holy Dragon Maestro who, like Lancelot, is a descended from the Avalon family. 


  • Linda's original Pal was supposed to be the Dragon who became Eco.
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