Personal Info
Japanese ランスロット
Romanji Lansurotto
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 01 (Light Novel)
Debut (Manga) Chapter 1 (Manga)
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Affiliation Lautreamont Royal Family
Ansullivan Dragonar Academy
Partner Silvia Lautreamont

'Lancelot' (ランスロット Lansurotto) is Silvia Lautreamont's dragon pal in the series. Like Echo, Lancelot is a member of the Avalon's Holy Dragons' Royal Family.


Lancelot was originally given to Ash Blake, but when Silvia was not chosen to be a Breeder, he gave up Lancelot. This badly injured him, which explains why he has few if any memories of this time.

This self sacrifice was enough so that Mother Dragon gave Ash Echo.


Lancelot is a white Maestro Dragon with blue horns.


  • Lancelot was originally intended to become Ash's Pal, however he gave Lancelot to Silvia. The Mother Dragon was forced to give Ash Echo in a bid to save his life.
  • Lancelot was named for Silvia's childhood toy, a stuffed dragon.
    • Lancelot, both the toy and the dragon, were named after Lancelot Du Lac, the knight of the lake and a member of King Arthur's round table knights, as well as Arthur's greatest and most famously known knight.
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