'Julius Lautreamont' (ジュリアス・ロートレアモン Jyuriasu Rottoreamon) is the exiled first crown prince of the Lautreamont Royal Family in Seikoku no Dragonar, who worked under the guise of 'Milgauss' (ミルガウス Mirugausu) while possessed by Mordred.


Julius is the eldest child and only son of the Lautreamont royal family.  Julius was the first of the children to become a Breeder. He was also the best friend and schoolmate of Glenn McGuire. Julius was exiled, though officially he was executed, for killing his Dragon, Mordred, making all but few believe he had gone crazy. In truth it was to stop an evil second personality that began consuming Mordred, which both he and Julius agreed to, but the result was Julius being possessed by the evil personality. For ten years Julius was possessed, though at some point he began working as a spy for the Zepharos Empire, under the guise of Milgauss. After the evil personality eventually left his body Julius regained control of his body and returned to his country and family.


Julius is a tall, slender, young man with white hair with a lock colored red.  At some point he lost his left arm, and now uses a prosthetic arm with claw like fingers. As Milgauess he usually wears all black, most notably a black cloak, and a white mask that conceals his upper face. He also seemed to now have heterochromia, as when his mask was broken by Ash his right eye is shown to be a lighter color now.

Powers and Abilities

Julius is a former Dragonar, so at one time was capable of riding the Dragon Mordred and, as mentioned by Veronica, could use an ark, though whether it was an original ark or not is unknown. In present time Julius, while possessed by Mordred, wields a large black sword called Tyrfing that appears to give him several abilities, most notably the ability to create Necromancer.

Despite seeming to lack an ark, or any other ability boosting equipment, though possibly his prosthetic arm, Julius has shown high levels of strength and agility, enough to nearly defeat Ash to the point of being exhausted and destroying most of his ark, while he appeared to have not even broken a sweat. A large portion of this strength appears to be an after effect of his possession by Mordred, the clearest display of this is the fact that he was strong enough to stop Glen's sword with his finger and thumb alone and then throw the man across the room with it.

In volume 4, Mordred abandoned Julius' body, therefore it can assumed that Julius has lost all of the abilities gained from that possession. With just his own skill and ability however he has shown to be fast enough to get behind and grab Veronica and point a gun to her temple before she could react.


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