Personal Info
Japanese ガウェイン
Romanji Gauein
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 3 chapter 2
Debut (Manga) Chapter 18
Debut (Anime) Season 1 episode 7
Affiliation Ansullivan Dragonar Academy
Partner Lucca Sarlinen

Gawain is the Maestro Dragon Pal of Lucca


As Lucca's pal Gawain is very considerate about her feelings, to the point he is willing to die than risk her fear and pain. He once attempted to reject her and die when she became afraid of riding him due to falling off his back.

Gawain is loyal even by the usual standards of dragons, as he will not allow even Ash Blake to ride on his back (A least without Lucca being the one controlling him) and is solely loyal to Lucca. He does, however appear to trust and respect Ash to a fault, apologizing for hurting him in one of their struggles and explaining to him why it rejected Lucca.

Despite his appearance to the human eye, Gawain is still considered a baby dragon and his maturity, mentally at least, is represented spiritually as a literal baby dragon when within the Dragweiss. In this baby like form, Gawain is also more timid than in reality.


Gawain is a Maestro dragon with lavender skin. By the standards of a usual Maestro, Gawain is tiny, due to his young age.

Inside the Dragweis, he is represented as a baby dragon small enough to fit on Navi's shoulder. This is because Gawain is so young despite his status as a maestro.

Gawain Kawaii


  • Gawain is named after a member of King Arthur's round table knights and also, the king's own cousin.
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