An "Oracle" Dragon Crystal

If you are on this page because you are curious as to why Eco would be embarrassed because of fafnirite present in her bed, the reason for it is in Eco’s case, it is her vaginal discharge.

Fafnirite, or 'Dragon Crystal' (竜輝華晶 Ryuu Kikashou) are crystallized dragon magic. As the bonding proof between a dragon and his/her master, humans as the catalyst can cast the magic within. There are 4 types overall.

  • 'Oracles' (竜媒魔法 (オラクル)): The common type used for offensive and support magic, and other special effects when placed in a magic circle.
  • 'Millenium' (千年輝華晶 (ミレニアム)): A very rare type compressed by millenium-lived dragon fossils. Most of them are used for airship fuels
  • 'Uranos' (聖星石(ウラノス)): Extremely-rare aspected with the holy element, created from only the Avalon Royal Dragons. It has the ability to cancel the effects of Pluto.
  • 'Pluto' (冥星石(プルートゥ)): A dark-element fafrinite created from the Nehalennia Underworld Dragons. Those who are born and embedded with them are called '''Pluto Children' (冥星石の仔ら(プルートゥ・チルドレン)), and parasite with dragons and human alike to amplify their negative emotions, while demonizing themselves in the process.
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