Ice Blue Princess
Seikokuep5 title
Name in Japanese 蒼氷姫君 (アイスブルー・プリンセス)
Air Date May 3, 2014
Production Staff
Script Shingo Nagai
Storyboard Tomoyuki Kurokawa
Episode Director Tomoyuki Kurokawa
Animation Director Asami Watanabe
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 4
Next Episode 6
Theme Songs
Opening Seiken Nante Iranai
Ending MOST Ijō no 'MOSTEST'

Ice Blue Princess (蒼氷姫君 (アイスブルー・プリンセス)?) is the fifth episode of the Seikoku no Dragonar anime. It first aired on May 3 2014.


The Iron-Blood Valkyrie, Veronica Lautreamont reunites with her little sister, Silvia after 4 years. Disappointed with her sister's progress as a Dragonar, she commences an arranged marraige with Glenn McGuire, her bodyguard and once her brother's best friend. As Silvia struggles against the "iron-fist" pressure of her sister, a terrorist attack is launched on the church she is praying, led by the well-known assasin, Avdocha the Convicted.




Differences from Light NovelEdit