A Boy & His Dragon
Name in Japanese 少年と竜
Air Date April 5, 2014
Production Staff
Script Noboru Kimura
Storyboard Shunsuke Tada
Episode Director Tomoyuki Kurokawa
Animation Director Mutsumi Sasaki
Episode Navigation
Previous N/A
Next Episode 2
Theme Songs
Opening Seiken Nante Iranai
Ending MOST Ijō no 'MOSTEST'

'A Boy & His Dragon' (少年と竜 Shounen to Ryuu) is the first episode of the Seikoku no Dragonar anime. It first aired on April 5, 2014.


Ash Blake is a Senios student of the famous Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, but branded as the number one problem child for having no Dragon Pal. Other than capable of riding other pals, he hides one secret beneath his arm from everyone. One day during a dragon-rearing spar, Ash accidentally got himself into an argument with the prideful crown princess, Silvia Lautreamont. Through a provoked act about his pal being 'dead', Ash challenges Silvia in the annual Aries Dragonar Festival race to take back her words.

During the race, Ash forfeits his victory where his crashes off some opponents conspire ring against the princess. While returning back to the school, Ash stumbles upon a mysterious figure named Milgauss, and his bodyguard, Anya who nearly drives him off the edge.

Then after a falling moment, his right arm started to glow! Born right out of Ash's secret star brand appears to be .....a girl!?


Humans Dragons
Ash Blake Eco
Silvia Lautreamont Navi
Rebecca Randall Lancelot
Raymond Kirkland Mother Dragon
Maximillian Russell
Jessica Valentine

Differences from Light Novel

  • A prequel flashback of Ash's and Silvia's Orphan ceremony, and the Mother Dragon regenerating Ash's right arm appears first in the anime.
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