Ansullivan dragonar academy
Ansarivan Dragonar Academy (アンサリヴァン騎竜学院 Ansarivan Kiyuu Gakuin) is the school where Ash and his fellow students attend, and the main stage of the series.


It is the highest education institute of the Lautreamont Knightdom for dragon-training, and otherwise known as an academy city to the locals and students. Any student who attended the Orphan Ceremony, are accepted regardless of nationality. The school follows an escalator-curriculum, where students spends the 3 years taking the Unios Course (基礎課程(ユニオス)), and then advancing to the Senios Course (上級課程(シニオス)) for 3 more years.

The entire facility structure is compromised of:

  • Apollo Halls (アポロ舎), the Senios boy's dormitory.
  • Mercurius House, the Unios boy's dormitory.
  • Epona Halls (エポナ舎), the Senios girl's dormitory.
  • Maeve House, the Unios girl's dormitory
  • La Teene (ラ・テーヌ), the school cafeteria.
  • The 7th Dragon Halls (第七竜舎) is the dragon stable for Maestros.
  • Julius Inn (ジュリアス館), the Inn where Julius Lautreamont lived during his stay in the academy. It was sealed for over a year since the taboo incident, but reopened when the first crown prince's name is cleared.


Student Body

Name Year Dragon Pal Position/Staus
Rebecca Randall Senios 3rd Cú Chulainn Student Council President
Linda Blake Unios 1st Percival
Rosalie Thorndyke Unios 1st Fili
Selma Hamilton Unios 1st Bass

​1st Year

2nd Year


  • The 3-year curriculum of Unios and Senios is equivalent to the real world's middle-school and high-school division.
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