Angela is a beautiful woman with dark red-brown hair that's usually pinned up, and a large bosom. She tends to wear short skirts and low cut shirts that reveals her cleavage, and a pair of glasses, as well as a lab coat.


Angela seems to be a kind and gentle woman, often smiling, but is obsessed with learning about, and studying dragons to the point that she is even willing to kidnap and dissect one.


Angela is the premiere expert in all areas of dragon research. She is also a master of the use of Oracles.

  • Dark Mother's Lullaby: Traps opponents in a magic circle that causes them to fall asleep.


  • Angela loved dragons, and once tried to be a Breeder, but was unsuitable for unknown reasons.
  • Angela was a close friend of Prince Julius at one time.
  • Angela appears to have the greatest difference between her anime appearance, and how she is illustrated in the light novels and manga adaption.